About Layer 8

We set Layer 8 up to address the ‘human’ at the heart of cybersecurity. As cybercrime was increasing, we saw the technology market responding with software solutions to stop the bad stuff happening, but there seemed to be very little interest in the human factor in security. In fact, in this respect, the market hadn’t matured at all for the last fifteen years. We heard cries of, “It can’t be done! People just can’t change!” But we had a belief: a belief that if people are engaged in the right way then they can change – and, instead of being ‘the problem’, they can be the solution.

In the last three years, we’ve seen the truth of this: people want to help, they want to protect the people and things that matter to them and they want to know how to do it. We’ve worked with organisations from 100 – 33,000 employees and seen security cultures transform – and it happens through conversation and collaboration.

So if conversation and collaboration is the way to change culture, how can you have a conversation with each and every one of your employees? Through our work with client companies, we developed a model and strategies to recruit and inspire security champions, equipping them with skills and resources to spread the security conversation and improve colleagues’ security behaviours – maturing the culture in the process.

The solutions we have today package our experience, tools and success to help you to transform the security culture of your organisation.
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