‘Fraudsters hijacked our phone line and then stole tens of thousands when we called the bank’: Customers scammed and then left stranded by their banks

A sophisticated new wave of crooks are hijacking phone lines to manipulate bank customers into handing over thousands of pounds of their savings. 

In two separate cases investigated by This is Money / MailOnline, customers with Lloyds Bank and Nationwide Building Society lost a total of more than £50,000 to the scam. Lloyds refused to help its victims, while Nationwide left has its customer waiting for two months to find out if she will see her money again.

In both cases the conmen claimed to be from the banks and convinced the customers they had identified fraud on their account. Both customers checked up by going away and fetching their bank’s phone number before calling back.

Yet the fraudsters had hijacked the line and proceeded to take them for tens of thousands of pounds.

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