North East Regional Special Operations Unit – Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that prevents you from accessing your
computer or data. Normally you will be asked to make a payment in order to
‘unlock’ your computer or access your data.

However, the NCSC enourages you not to pay the ransom as there is no
guarantee you will get access to your computer or your files.
To reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of ransomware…

Dont be blackmailedKeep a
1. Make regular back ups of
your most important files
2. Make sure the device
containing the backup is
not permanently connected
to your computer
3. Turn on auto back up so
that data on your
smartphone is
automatically copied to the
Protecting your data and
1. Keep your operating system
and apps up to date . Apply
software updates promptly,
they contain patches that
keep your device secure   
2. Make sure your antivirus
product is turned on and up
to date 
3. Avoid downloading dodgy
If your computer has been

1. Open your antivirus software
and run a full scan, following
any instructions given
2. Restore your backed up data 
3. If you receive a call offering
you help to clean up your
computer, hang up (this is a
common scam)
4. Anyone who thinks they have
been subject to a ransomware
attack should contact action

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If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to Action Fraud see contact details  below:

Tel: 0300 123 2040