Action Fraud – Cyber experts shine light on online scams as British public flag over 160,000 suspect emails

In just over two weeks, the public has passed on more than 160,000 suspect emails.

  • National Cyber Security Centre reveals range of fraudulent sites it has blocked with the help of the British public
  • Scams include attempts to exploit coronavirus fears through fake offers of testing kits and face masks
  • Public have flagged more than 160,000 messages to the NCSC’s new suspicious email reporting service – with more than 1,400 links to scams removed

CYBER security experts have today lifted the lid on some of the online scams which the British public have reported to a pioneering new Suspicious Email Reporting Service.

Emails reported to the National Cyber Security Centre include callous attempts by criminals to exploit the coronavirus through fake offers of face masks and testing kits.

In just over two weeks since the NCSC and police launched the service, the public has passed on more than 160,000 suspect emails, leading to the removal of over 1,400 links to bogus sites.

Today the NCSC has shared some examples of what it has removed with the help of the reporting service.

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