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Pet – Fraud Alert – 04/07/2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via popular online auction websites. The fraudsters will place an advert of the pet for sale, often claiming that the pet is currently held somewhere less […]

CIFAS External-Fraudscape report 2017

By Sandra Peaston  Assistant Director, Insight, Cifas With almost one in every two crimes a fraud or cybercrime* there has never been a more urgent time for organisations to be alert to both the external and internal fraud threat. In this report, for the first time ever, we have brought together frauds recorded by Cifas […]

‘Petya’ ransomware attack strikes companies across Europe

A major cyber-attack has struck large multinational companies across Europe, with Ukraine’s government, banks, state power utility and Kiev’s airport and metro system particularly badly affected. The attack on Tuesday caused serious disruption at firms including the advertising giant WPP, French construction materials company Saint-Gobain and Russian steel and oil firms Evraz and Rosneft. The […]

Vehicle Online Shopping Fraud – 12/06/2017

Fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with […]

Wedding Services Fraud – 05/06/2017

With the upcoming “Wedding Season”, and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved.  According to ‘bridesmagazine.co.uk’, in 2017 the average wedding cost spend is approximately £30,111.  This will be paid out to multiple vendors, including; photographers, caterers, reception […]

Smishing Fraud Alert – 26/05/2017

Smishing – the term used for SMS phishing – is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims’ money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Smishing uses your mobile phone (either a smartphone or traditional non-internet connected handset) to manipulate innocent people into taking various actions which […]

Ransomware Cyber Attacks

The ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is believed to have affected other organisations globally by Wannacry or Wannacrypt malware, has been followed by a second attack on Tuesday 27th June: Technology experts said this second attack appeared consistent with ransomware described as an “updated variant” of a malware virus […]

How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks Like WannaCry

On Friday 12th May, more than 200,000 users became victims of the latest ransomware attack and this figure is likely to grow. Email attachments and links to Dropbox are the most widely reported sources of attack – so even if you have the most secure network, you must make sure that your staff are fully trained […]