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The dangerous new scam you need to know about: Conmen target bank customers calling from a phone number that mimics that of their bank

Conmen are targeting bank customers with a terrifying telephone scam only previously seen in the U.S. This latest deception is known as ‘number spoofing’ because crooks call customers using a phone number which mimics that of their bank.They do this using a device which can copy any number — even if the one they are […]

Travellers conned out of millions by online fraudsters

Travellers are being conned out of millions each year with airline tickets, accommodation and group bookings most vulnerable. A new report compiled by a police fraud bureau reveals the scale of the crime is rising with fraudsters stealing an estimated £7million from holidaymakers and other travellers in 2013. Full Story >> TravelMole 

Pension liberation fraud

Project Bloom, a new multi-agency campaign, aims to help prevent a form of fraud in which members of the public are encouraged to access their pension before retirement, without being properly informed of the potentially severe tax consequences. Click to see press releases from Project Bloom Pension liberation refers to pension scheme members transferring their savings to an arrangement which allows […]

Beware the online pickpockets out to steal your wallet with your heart

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the heart – and protect the wallet. Like many holidays, it’s also a feast day for many scammers. The Better Business Bureau just released a Valentine’s day themed public safety announcement specifically aimed at those who date online. Partnering with Western Union, it warned that among those special […]

Thousands of Barclays customer files stolen and sold to scammers – report

Details of 27,000 people who consulted bank’s advisers were allegedly copied from database to be sold on to rogue traders An investigation is under way after confidential files relating to  customers of Barclays Bank were allegedly stolen and sold on to rogue  City traders. The Mail on Sunday said highly sensitive information including  customers’ earnings, […]

HMRC issues scam tax rebate warning

Taxpayers are being warned not to respond to emails promising them a refund, which are really a phishing scam designed to get hold of their bank account details. HM Revenue & Customs said it would never send customers emails to arrange refunds, and urged anyone receiving one to report it. In 2013, customers reported more […]

Landlords in the spotlight – how tenants can avoid getting stung

Landlords can run checks on potential tenants, but tenants can’t do likewise. However, with a little conscientious research would-be renters can avoid some major pitfalls It’s not just high rents that tenants have to worry about – there are also an increasing number of fraudsters intent on relieving them of their hard-earned cash. Full story […]

How did I manage to fall for a Goa gem scam?

Sarah Bowles is articulate and bright. Here she talks about how she lost her life savings in India to fraudsters When Sarah Bowles woke up in a Berlin youth hostel on a chilly morning just before Christmas, she felt both sick and relieved. Sick because she knew that her £6,500 life savings were lost and […]

Fraud decrease serves as vindication and warning says CIFAS

The analysis of fraud trends during 2013 by CIFAS – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service reveals a surprising mix of apparently good and equally alarming news about fraud. Overall, fraud levels decreased in 2013 by 11 percent from the levels recorded in 2012 – the first year on year drop since 2010 – but fraud […]