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Landlords in the spotlight – how tenants can avoid getting stung

Landlords can run checks on potential tenants, but tenants can’t do likewise. However, with a little conscientious research would-be renters can avoid some major pitfalls It’s not just high rents that tenants have to worry about – there are also an increasing number of fraudsters intent on relieving them of their hard-earned cash. Full story […]

How did I manage to fall for a Goa gem scam?

Sarah Bowles is articulate and bright. Here she talks about how she lost her life savings in India to fraudsters When Sarah Bowles woke up in a Berlin youth hostel on a chilly morning just before Christmas, she felt both sick and relieved. Sick because she knew that her £6,500 life savings were lost and […]

Fraud decrease serves as vindication and warning says CIFAS

The analysis of fraud trends during 2013 by CIFAS – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service reveals a surprising mix of apparently good and equally alarming news about fraud. Overall, fraud levels decreased in 2013 by 11 percent from the levels recorded in 2012 – the first year on year drop since 2010 – but fraud […]

The identity thief’s 10 most desirable items

Theft used to be more straightforward: you could identify your valuables, and keep them locked up. And in the worst case scenario, if someone broke in and stole them, you’d know about it instantly. Identify theft is a whole new ball game. We don’t know what’s valuable to a fraudster; we don’t know how to […]

Good Phone Usage: Investigative Interview Techniques and Tips for Investigators

Although some situations call for an in-person interview, there are many instances in which an investigator must interview witnesses by phone. In those situations, establishing rapport up front dramatically increases the probability of a successful interview. The Process Once a witness is identified, it is necessary to do an extensive pre- screening to determine whether […]