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NEFF 2019 Annual Conference – “Who is dealing with Fraud?”

Since the 2006 Fraud Review there has been a continuing discussion on the policing of fraud. On the one hand the 2019 report of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services noted that fraud was ‘rarely seen as a priority’. On the other hand, there are encouraging developments from both the City of London and the NCA. At the same time, many public and private sector organisations have taken it upon themselves to respond, internally or within their sector, to their specific fraud issues, whether prevention or investigation. Within this dynamic context, the purpose of the NEFF annual conference was to bring together not only industry examples of such responses but also the latest law enforcement initiatives to explore today’s issues, options and future developments.

The conference was held in conjunction with Virgin Money and it was very well received by all those who attended.  The speakers delivered very informative and interesting presentations and the NEFF management team greatly appreciates the time and effort they gave to the conference.

The speakers were:

Detective Superintendent Alex Rothwell – City of London Police – National Fraud Coordination for Policing

Professor Martin Gill | Director – Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International (PRCI) Ltd

Kieron Sharp – Chief Executive, Federation Against Copyright Theft

Mike Haley CEO – CIFAS

Christine Farrow Manager, Economic Crime ‑  Account Abuse Lead UK Finance

Sara Wilson – Virgin Money Security Consultant – Customer & Colleague Protection

Kenneth Murray MA CA,  – Head of Forensic Accountancy – Police Scotland

Stephen McGough – Newcastle University

Detective Sergeant Paddy O’Keefe – North East Regional Special Operations Unit – NERSOU
Regional Development Officer – Fraud

Speakers presentations are below:

Martin Gill Impact of Fraud on Victims (with PF) 2019

Mike Haley NEFF 7-11-19

Christine Farrow – NEFF November 2019

Kieron Sharp NEFFSolutions to Fraud7nov19

Conference Delegate List:

Final Delegate List Nov 7th Annual Conference

The Insolvency Service – “Lifting the Mist”

That was the title of the recent Insolvency Service seminar held on Wednesday 8th May 2019 at the Council Chambers in Gateshead with over 70 guests attending.

The seminar was designed to deliver six presentations covering the principal functions of the Insolvency Service giving external stakeholders a greater understanding of how they are structured and their internal processes. It is hoped this would ensure that the Service is better equipped to work together with business and other organisations and to pose a genuine threat to those who act unlawfully within the insolvency regime.

The speakers were:

Richard Gill – Official Receiver
Robert Clarke – Insolvent Investigations
Sarah Heath – Companies Live
Melanie Keeley – Criminal Investigation Team (CIT)
Debbie Churaman – The Insolvency Service Legal Services Directorate
Sarah Woods – Intelligence Team (including Financial Investigation Unit)
Feedback from the audience showed that the event was a success and met their needs and concerns. We also asked for and received useful suggestions on how we might improve similar events in the future.
The excellent venue for this event was kindly provided free of charge by Gateshead Council.  By far the most important factor giving rise to the success of the event was the skill and effort demonstrated by the six speakers; outlining their area of business activity and clearly benefiting the external stakeholders. A great day’s work by all to “lift the mist” on the work of the Insolvency Service.

Speakers presentations are below: