Bank Scams, Phishing

Loan ApplicationPhishing

Phishing is the name given to the practice of sending emails at random, which claim to come from a reputable company such as your bank. The emails attempt to trick people into disclosing sensitive information at a bogus website ‘phishing site’ operated by fraudsters. These emails usually claim that it is necessary to “update” or “verify” your customer account information and they urge you to click on a link in the email which takes you to a phishing site.

Sometimes the email won’t contain a link; instead the recipient  is asked to provide information on a form attached to the email. Any information entered on the phishing site or form will be used by the criminals for their own fraudulent purposes.

For detailed information please go to >> Financial Fraud Action UK


Malware is an abbreviation of ‘malicious software’. It is a computer virus that can be installed on your computer without you realising.

The most common type of malware is a ‘Trojan’, designed to steal sensitive information from your computer and perform unauthorised actions such as launching malicious popups.

For detailed information please go to >> Financial Fraud Action UK

Money Mules

‘Money mules’ or ‘money transfer agents’ launder funds obtained as a result of fraud. They are ordinary people recruited by criminals to help transfer stolen money. Many of the criminals carrying out this type of fraud are located abroad, so a money mule based in the UK is required to send the money overseas. Criminals try to dupe innocent victims into laundering money on their behalf. They normally do this by pretending to offer legitimate jobs via newspapers or the internet, and often target vulnerable groups such as migrant workers or university students who may be tempted by the lure of a seemingly easy way to make extra cash.

•  Remember that even if you have nothing to do with the actual extraction of funds from another person’s account, by allowing your account to be used to receive and transfer such funds, you will be acting illegally.

•  Ignorance is no excuse – allowing your bank account to be used for fraud can lead to up to 10 years’ imprisonment!

For detailed information please go to >> Financial Fraud Action UK