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Wed 02

Personal Ethics & Fraud Prevention

March 2 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Newcastle Upon Tyne Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom

NEFF Membership – 2016/17

Membership of the NEFF is on an annual basis, as member you will be:

  • Kept informed of all conferences, training programmes and specialist forums.
  • Offered special discounted rates for these events (some will be offered free to members).

Please note membership of the NEFF is on an annual basis the 2016 / 2017 membership starts on 1st April 2016 and ends 31st March 2017.

Membership Structure

There are now 5 categories of membership which gives the structure of the membership greater flexibility:

  • Individual
  • Individual Premium
  • Corporate
  • Corporate Gold
  • Title Sponsor

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North East Fraud Forum

The mission of the NEFF is to bring the private and public sectors together to reduce financial crime. This will:

  • Protect the private and public sectors as well as individuals from becoming victims of fraud.
  • Stimulate and encourage growth of the private sector and the proper conduct of public bodies; facilitate working relationships between law enforcement, public bodies, private organisations and the voluntary sector.
  • Promote awareness of fraud amongst members and other organisations
  • Encourage good practice and an anti-fraud culture by developing anti-fraud strategies for its membership.
  • Establish good practice between its members for fraud prevention, investigation and detection.

Fraud News

How to protect yourself from scams

Fancy a job where you bombard thousands of people in a matter of seconds, and if just one of them bites you net £2,000 or £3,000 pounds a day? That’s half a million quid a year. Tax-free. Sounds too good to be true? Most scams are, yet reports in newspapers of people falling for them […]

PBX Frauds

Over the past 2 days Durham Police Cyber Team have been made aware of 6 businesses across the region who have had the business PBX telephone exchanges exploited, some of the bills they face run into thousands of pounds. Some of the lines are hosted by a 3rd party and some are owned by the […]

The implications of economic cybercrime for policing

The introduction of sophisticated technology has brought about a step-change in the way economic crime is committed – enabling frauds to be perpetrated at scale, at great speed, and at a distance, with no physical contact necessary between criminal and victim. It can be much harder to identify the individuals initiating crime, and often the […]

Fraud alert over new tap and pay bank cards: Thieves use scanners to steal account details – even when contactless card is in your wallet

Contactless bank cards may be exposing millions of customers to the risk of fraud. Tests show that thieves armed with scanners can capture the numbers and expiry dates on the cards and use them for online purchases. Touted as a boon for shoppers making small transactions, the ‘tap and pay’ cards do not need a […]

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